The Benefits of Learning Languages

In this society that has been globalized, there is no chance for a word ‘late’ in learning something. Today, learning foreign languages is a must for better prospects in life. It is not only to avoid us from brain diseases, but also to get a better opportunity in facing the new world era.

The Benefits

When you are going somewhere new, doing a new job or seeking something you have not seen in your life, learning languages can open the door to chances. It does not only make you seem to be more professional but also opens your rational capacities and reinforce your mental capabilities. Here are the benefits of learning languages,

  • Enhances Brain Power

Our brain needs to survive with the difficulty as it engages and deals to understand of the new forms and configurations when learning something different, thus will develop our communication skills that are required to engage and memorize new information (for instance problem solving and logical thinking). This will help the brain to accumulate the information and widen the memory. According to some researches, learning a new language can also make the brain bigger and avoid the brain to experience diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia. Learning a new language also trigger the sensitivity of the brain to receive information, therefore will make us mentally alert and easy to pay attention to cues of body language.

  • Travel in Ease

Learning a language can get us excited and interested to travel to the place where the language is spoken and practice our leaning with the local people. Take Chinese, for instance; it is a language that is used by Chinese diaspora which is spread almost everywhere in the world and most of the registered products also have chines manual in it. We may be interested to visit Chinese in order to learn the language deeper and comfortably socialize with the native speakers. Understanding the language of where we travel in can avoids us from being defrauded and allows to know the proper action to the people while traveling.

  • Extends Job Opportunity

When you only speak on your mother tongue, the job opportunities may be way narrower. It is going to be different when you can speak more than one language, you are going to be able to look for careers outside of your home country, this will also change the scope of your job horizon vividly. When you think that it is so hard to find a job in your country, and the competition is really challenging, you can find a job in the country of the language that you learn. English for example, it is spoken in almost every country, thus will get you easier to get your dream job everywhere in the world. Even in your own country, knowing more than one language is a big plus that can help the recommendation to be accepted in a company, besides if the company is a multinational company.

  • Learns New Culture

We can see a new world and better opportunities by learning a new language. Another advantage of learning a language is being able to learn and experience a new culture. The opportunity to see new things from different angles and able to associate with new people all around the world are also reachable. We will get the chance to know more about what is being a trend in a culture, as well as fashion, music, literature, and history. This will help you develop as a person and appreciate the things that have come to you that you never noticed as well.

  • Improves Networking Abilities

For some people who cannot manage things well at the same time can be difficult to multitask. Base on the research from Penn State University, people who speak in more than one language and fluent in every language and able to engage with multiple language system can practice the brain to be more multitasking. Thus, will make the multilingual people think critically. They will be more sensitive to perceive the codes that are given and makes multilingual people become culturally aware. This awareness will make them be more flexible to appreciate other people’s opinions and facts. This attitude will make multilingual people to be easily accepted in a larger network.