The Benefits of Learning Languages

In this society that has been globalized, there is no chance for a word ‘late’ in learning something. Today, learning foreign languages is a must for better prospects in life. It is not only to avoid us from brain diseases, but also to get a better opportunity in facing the new world era.

The Benefits

When you are going somewhere new, doing a new job or seeking something you have not seen in your life, learning languages can open the door to chances. It does not only make you seem to be more professional but also opens your rational capacities and reinforce your mental capabilities. Here are the benefits of learning languages,

  • Enhances Brain Power

Our brain needs to survive with the difficulty as it engages and deals to understand of the new forms and configurations when learning something different, thus will develop our communication skills that are required to engage and memorize new information (for instance problem solving and logical thinking). This will help the brain to accumulate the information and widen the memory. According to some researches, learning a new language can also make the brain bigger and avoid the brain to experience diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia. Learning a new language also trigger the sensitivity of the brain to receive information, therefore will make us mentally alert and easy to pay attention to cues of body language.

  • Travel in Ease

Learning a language can get us excited and interested to travel to the place where the language is spoken and practice our leaning with the local people. Take Chinese, for instance; it is a language that is used by Chinese diaspora which is spread almost everywhere in the world and most of the registered products also have chines manual in it. We may be interested to visit Chinese in order to learn the language deeper and comfortably socialize with the native speakers. Understanding the language of where we travel in can avoids us from being defrauded and allows to know the proper action to the people while traveling.

  • Extends Job Opportunity

When you only speak on your mother tongue, the job opportunities may be way narrower. It is going to be different when you can speak more than one language, you are going to be able to look for careers outside of your home country, this will also change the scope of your job horizon vividly. When you think that it is so hard to find a job in your country, and the competition is really challenging, you can find a job in the country of the language that you learn. English for example, it is spoken in almost every country, thus will get you easier to get your dream job everywhere in the world. Even in your own country, knowing more than one language is a big plus that can help the recommendation to be accepted in a company, besides if the company is a multinational company.

  • Learns New Culture

We can see a new world and better opportunities by learning a new language. Another advantage of learning a language is being able to learn and experience a new culture. The opportunity to see new things from different angles and able to associate with new people all around the world are also reachable. We will get the chance to know more about what is being a trend in a culture, as well as fashion, music, literature, and history. This will help you develop as a person and appreciate the things that have come to you that you never noticed as well.

  • Improves Networking Abilities

For some people who cannot manage things well at the same time can be difficult to multitask. Base on the research from Penn State University, people who speak in more than one language and fluent in every language and able to engage with multiple language system can practice the brain to be more multitasking. Thus, will make the multilingual people think critically. They will be more sensitive to perceive the codes that are given and makes multilingual people become culturally aware. This awareness will make them be more flexible to appreciate other people’s opinions and facts. This attitude will make multilingual people to be easily accepted in a larger network.

How to Learn Languages Online

Learning languages seems to be prosperous to people nowadays. In this era, people can get to socialize with everybody across the world easily. But how to deal with people with different mother tongue without learning their languages? Learning languages can be done in several ways. We can learn it by attending school, language seminar, language workshop, language courses, or even learn it the online way.

Tips for Language Online Learning

Is it possible to learn languages online? Indeed, we can learn everything from the internet. The things that come first when we learn languages online are how to memorize the new words, study the new grammar and practice speaking. But, all of them can be reached through online learning if you follow these tips below,

  • Choosing Trusted Sources

Before we jump to how to learn languages via online, first thing first is we have to do research for a trustworthy website for online learning. For the reason that we often find websites with frivolous articles that can cause misleading for the followers. Articles that can be trusted from a website usually have references from so many sources. Otherwise, we can learn languages through university websites that provide online learning for common people.

  • Setting Goals of Language Learning

When we started to learn something, we need to set a goal about what we are going to achieve by learning it. This is to make sure that we know what are we going to reach and measure on what level our process is done. Normally, we are going to be overwhelmed when we try to figure out a new language. The idea of the words, the grammar, and the practices are often worried us. Setting the goals can make you focus on what are you going to get and stop distressing yourself.

  • Selecting Words

Every language consists of a shocking amount of words. This can be from a hundred thousand to millions. We do not need to be stressed out by this. By following the goals, we can select the right words that we are going to use. For example, if our goal of learning a language is that we will use when we are going on a trip, we can learn basic introducing vocabularies like names, number, foods, etc. Through concentrating on the goals it helps us narrow the vocabularies we are going to learn

  • Setting the Strategies

In online learning, we have to be very smart in setting strategies and techniques. We can use images, videos, music, poems, novels, and movies to help us learn languages. We can browse this everywhere. Some language online learning websites usually provide flashcards to help learners understand faster.

  • Learning by Doing

As we all know, Practice makes perfect. From the beginning, we can start practicing the language over and over again. This will help us memorizing the vocabularies. Using language every day will help us improve our vocabularies when we find something new. When we do not know the word, we will try to find it from the dictionary and this will improve the language learning progress.

Advices on Easy Learning English at Home

When we live in a non-English speaking country, we do not need to visit classes to be able to speak English and learn English Grammar. We do not need to leave our beloved country to be able to speak English, we just need to be smart in finding strategies to learn English especially at home. As long as we are thoroughly active and practice every day.

Guides to learn English easily at home

Learning English can help us to widen opportunities like jobs, experience new cultures, socializing with people around the world, etc.  There are lots of ways to learn English. we can even learn English at home. These are some guides or tips to learn English easily at home,

  • Use English Everyday

We do not need to live in English speaking countries to use English every day. We can simply think in English. We can try to make our daily basis like we are a native English. We can make our diary note in English, shopping list in English, everyday schedule or even when you have to name the dish you are just making. You can just surround yourself with English. When you think about the day, watching movies with or without subtitle, and ordering food or uber. When you don’t know the word you are thinking in English, you can just try to look up the word in the dictionary. Otherwise, you can just talk to yourself in English when you really have nothing to do.

  • Make English friends

There are possibilities for an English speaker to live around our neighborhood even if we are living in a non-English speaking environment. We can try to meet native English speakers and give them a friendly introduction. We can offer them a guide to explore the tourist destination around you, or just simply ask them to hang out and have some language learning exchanges. By having English friends, you are going to understand what are they talking about and improve your English. We can even motivate each other while exchanging languages and helping each other to find the solutions for the problems while doing language exchanges.

  • Use authentic materials

Instead of reading boring English textbooks, we can find other written sources like the books that are written for and by native speakers. This may seem difficult to understand the book at first, but the time we can do it this activity will become a lot more interesting. We can start to read novels, short stories, and magazines that are published in English. Then, continue to do quizzes and watch breaking news to improve English Grammar and vocabularies at home. You can also watch movies with subtitle at first to know the vocabularies, then try to remove the subtitles to test yourself.

  • Get online

You can be connected to the whole world, contact people abroad, and get free information from everywhere at any time by getting online. Try to get connected to English speaking people by joining chat rooms or forums, for whatever topics of discussion. We can also look for an online English course. We can even share our difficulties while learning English in our social media, hopefully, your friends will help you to solve your problems. Getting online while learning English can also help you to find new words or slangs that may enrich your vocabularies and grammar. Online dictionaries are also usually very helpful in online English learning.

  • Set Goals

When we learn English, we have to know the reason for studying it. Are you studying English for a better job, to be able to talk to your friends who speak in English, to continue your study abroad, or to travel to a country where English is the native language? Setting goals can help you narrow your focus down and avoid you from worries of learning too many things. You can also keep track of your learning progress by setting your short-term and long-term goals.

  • Learn the cultures

Learning English can be fun when we try to learn about the people and the culture of the English Countries. By learning the culture, we can learn not only about English Grammar and Vocabulary, but we can also learn to respect other people’s perspectives.

6 Simple Tools to Learn English Effectively

English is an international language which connects the people who have different native language to communicate with each other. When you are able to speak English well, then there is no limit for you to improve your English as time goes by. This is good If you can improve your English to be much better.

Improve Your English

In order to improve your English, you can make it in such a fun way to do. Improving your English can be started by improving your vocabularies so that your level of English will get improved as well. Then, when you are mastered with some vocabularies, you can actually improve your pronunciation so that you can speak English fluently.

Tools to Learn English

Here are several tools that can help you to improve your English:

  • Online tools

As technology leads the people’s life, then it is such a wise thing for you to use the internet as the media of learning English. Moreover, there are so many websites that provide the facility to learn English for free. You can improve your English with your grammar, listening skill, or anything else. It comes like the online class where you can get access anytime and anywhere.

  • Idioms

In learning English, you will find a meaning which is composed of more than one word to say. This kind of tools is effective to make you understand the meaning in the different method.

  • Dictionaries

One of the most things that you have in learning a language is dictionaries. This helps you easily find the meaning of a word easily. In addition, it is suggested for you to use Oxford dictionaries since you can find the meaning in details and the most important is you use the proper words.

  • Native English Speakers

Those who like to improve your speaking skill can get help from native English speakers. You can take a class which provides a native English speaker. On the other hand, you can also join in a voluntary program where you can find the native English speakers were involved. This way helps you to improve your English-speaking skill quickly.

  • Flashcards

There are so many kinds of methods in learning English, for example by visuals. Learning English by using flashcards is believed as the best way for some people since their cognitive ability will get improved as well. This kind of method is usually used to teach English for kids. They can easily memorize the word as well as the objects that they see.

  • Audio

Besides the visual method, audio is another effective way of learning English. Here you can improve your listening skill by listening to songs, conversations, movies and so on. Do this every day so that you can get familiar with every single word spoken out of the native English speakers.

Hence, those are several tools that you can use to learn English. As you can have it in so many ways so that you will never get bored to learn English.

What Things that I Need to Start Learning English?

English is a modern language which is used by people from around the world. When you go to a country and you are not mastered with its language, then you can use English to communicate. That is the main reason why you should have good English language skill. Moreover, English language skill is needed when you are working.

Learning English is fun!

English might be familiar as you have this class in the school. However, the problem of English skill on each people is different. Everyone has their own English skill problem to be improved.

You might understand when people are saying to you in English. However, sometimes it is difficult to response or conveys what our meaning to say. In this condition, you should improve your English-speaking skill. On the other hand, some people have difficulties to catch every single word when they are talking to native English speakers.

Things that You Should Know

If you like to start to learn English and wonder about what things you need to learn it, here are several good tips for you:

  • Set your goals

When you find out your English skill ability, then you want to improve it, the main thing that you should know is about your goals in learning English. In addition, it needs time to make you get mastered with all English skill, such as, speaking, grammar, listening, and pronunciation. Therefore, it is good for you to set a plan for what your first goal is.

  • Find the tools

When you already set your goals in learning English, then you should find the tools that may help you with this. For example, if you like to improve your English grammar, then you should have dictionaries, grammar book, and exercise book. Nowadays, you can also use the internet as the media of learning English so that you can actually get access to learning anywhere and anytime.

  • Keep practicing

When you already have the tools to learn English, your next job is to keep practicing. Make sure that you have got the things that you learn. In addition, keep your level of English up when you are done with one task. However, it is good for you to recall what you have learned so that you can keep remembering things that you have got.

  • Find the partner

In learning English, finding a partner is completely good for you to do. Learning English together is really fun as you can find the difficulties yet the answer together. Here you can take an English class also to make your English keep improved.

  • Improve it

When you have done with learning grammar, then you can learn another English skill, like listening or speaking. The most important is to keep your English improved so that it can get better from time to time.

Thus, those are the things that you need to learn English. As English is an international language, then it is good to make your English skill at an excellent level so that you can take advantage of it.

6 Simple Tips for ESL Learners: How to Learn English Quickly

English speaking skill is needed when you are talking to people from another country and both of you are not mastered with one of the native languages that you have. That is the reason why English becomes International languages as it makes people easier to communicate. Your English-speaking skill will be useful especially when you are traveling abroad.

The Challenge of Speaking English

If you are coming from non- English-speaking countries, it might be a challenge to speak with an English accent. Why is it important? When you are speaking English, it is so much better for you to use correct pronunciation as it makes your listener understand what you are talking about.

To be honest, having English-speaking skill does make you get lots of advantages. The first one is there is no language barrier when you are in abroad. The second one, it will be useful for your career to be employed in the office which requires English speaking skill as well.

Tips to Learn English

Therefore, if you like to learn how to speak English quickly, you should find out below tips to make you learn it quickly:

  • Watching movies

Movies can be media for you to find out how every single word is pronounced. Even there are 3 English accents, such as, British, American and Australian, but you do not need to master in all of them. Watching Hollywood movies will also help to understand how to pronounce unfamiliar words to you. This is an audiovisual learning method and it is the easiest way for you to make your English-speaking skill get improved.

  • English-speaking habits

As ESL learners, practicing is the best way to lead you to be excellent in speaking English. Therefore, it would be a good thing for you to find a partner who likes to learn English so that you can keep practicing. You know that practice makes perfect so the more you practice, the more your English skill get improved.

  • Talk to English Native Speaker

It is a challenge for ESL learners when they have to speak to native English speakers. There must be difficulties, especially when you cannot catch a word from him or her. However, this would be a good chance if you can speak to native English speakers so that you can find out whether your English accent is understandable for them. This is also an evaluation for you to make your English get improved all the time.

  • Use the Internet

Internet is wide as you can find out so many ways to improve your English-speaking skill by it. You may use this as a tool since the internet may connect you from people around the world. In addition, you can also find so many websites which facilitate you to learn English. Yes, you can take advantage of the use of the Internet in positive ways. Moreover, you can get access from your laptop or smartphones anywhere and anytime. Hence, there is no reason to stop learning English.

  • Take English Speaking Class

When you have fully understood grammar and pronunciation, then you can also take a class. Here you will be taught how to speak in English based on its use so that you can speak it properly.

  • Take Professional Speaking Class

This way is effective especially for you who like to take a professional class and it enables you to communicate in English professional use.

Thus, learning English is actually easy as long as you like to keep trying and practicing. This is the way that you need so that it would make your English-speaking skill get improved quickly from the things that you have done as above.